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hot Bridesmaid trends for 2021

You’ve found your dream gown and now it is time to pick the perfect dresses for your bridal party! If you are still deciding how you want your girls to look then here are some of the hottest bridesmaid trends for 2021 to keep in mind while shopping!


Mixing and matching dress styles has become extremely popular for wedding parties but if you really want girls to pop then try mixing in some dresses with different fabric textures like velvet, silk/satin, chiffon and more. Not only does it create a more unique looking bridesmaids group but it will allow your bridesmaids to have more fun and even more options while choosing their gown.


Not all girls like wearing dresses so a bridesmaids jumpsuit or pantsuit is the perfect other option! You can find jumpsuits in many similar fabrics that most bridesmaids dresses are made from like chiffon so everybody still remains cohesive and comfortable.

Warm tones

This trend is dominating the bridesmaids scene right now! Beautiful rich colors like cinnamon, terracotta, and ochre can be easily mixed together to create a warm sunset vibe for your bridal party. Pair these colors with lots of greenery and creamy colored flowers to create a modern bohemian wedding day look!


Subtle hues are always a great way to keep your bridesmaid party cohesive and timeless. These colors could include shades of grey, taupe, cream, champagne and many more soft muted tones. Colors like these are easy to mix and match with one another and pair well with many other colors in your color scheme.

Whatever styles or trends you decide to use for your bridal party just remember to have fun with it. These girls are here to support you on your wedding day so choose them wisely! Also keep in mind that if you decide to order bridesmaid gowns from a bridal store they do typically take 3-4 months to come in. Rule of thumb is once you find your dress, decide on your bridesmaids dresses too and then everything will be done with plenty of time for your wedding day. Happy Shopping!

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