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Updated: Jan 26


I think we can all admit that 2020 was…not the best year for anyone. Now we are bound and determined to make 2021 the best year yet and what better way to celebrate than with a prom! Getting all dresses up to dance the night away with all your friends sounds like a great way to celebrate making it through 2020 if you ask me. First, you need a dress! Here are some things to keep in mind while prom dress shopping during covid-19.


Many stores are required to cut down the number of people allowed in at one time by 50% or more depending on the size of store and where they are located. To ensure a fun and successful shopping experience, make sure to call ahead of time and ask about store policies regarding appointments, number of guests allowed and the hours of operation for the store.


Covid-19 had a huge negative impact on the prom dress industry in 2020. Many schools decided to cancel their prom and therefore many prom shops were left with a large amounts of new inventory coming into this 2021 prom season. Knowing this designers decided not to produce as many gowns knowing stores wouldn’t need to order as many as years past. Because of this most companies will not have any extra sizes or colors of gowns available to be ordered. So once you find "the" dress, grab it!


When is the best time to start shopping for a prom dress? RIGHT NOW!! Stores normally receive most of their new inventory by the end of the previous year for the upcoming season. They might receive a few more here or there but the majority of what they will have will be available at the beginning of the year, which means the biggest selection to shop! Also if you are shopping with a store that tracks which dresses go to which schools you are more likely able to purchase the gown you want without the worry of someone already wearing it at your school.


The best way to figure out which stores you should go to shop is by visiting their website and social media accounts. Search through their inventory online to get an idea of what you may be looking for and if that is the right place to go to find it. Call and inquire about specific gowns you may have seen or direct message on their social media accounts for more information. They want to help you find a gown you love so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

No matter what, prom shopping is going to be a little different than in years past. Keeping these tips in mind will help you have a fun and efficient shopping experience!

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