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Prom dress trends for 2021

Updated: Jan 26


Isn’t prom the best? The one night a year where you can get all dressed up and living out your movie star fantasy of walking the red carpet. Getting to dance all night with your besties until your feet hurt! Ahhhh sounds just like a dream! Well, for those of you that get to live that dream this year, here are the top prom trends for 2021

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” COCO CHANEL


The 80s are back baby! Fuchsia pink, bright orange, lime green and more are a huge trend for prom this year! Whether you are wanting a more sleek and simple look or sparkle from head to toe, you are sure to find most gowns to be offered in one or more of these psychedelic color options! Check out this groovy dress.


2021 is a year full of great prints! Animal, tie dye, countless floral prints and more. You can even find prints created in fully beaded or sequin gowns! One great option is this tie dye one!


The art of beading will truly never go out of style but this year is it one of the hottest trends for prom! Whether it is just a little or the whole gown you can’t go wrong with a beaded gown. A gown like this one will make you feel like the prom queen you are meant to be!


We are so excited to see this trend come back around! One shoulder or sleeved gowns are so unique and different for prom! They do provide a little more coverage but still are fun and flirty for a night of dancing. Here is a great one shoulder sleeved option for those daring enough to rock this trend!


Definitely a trend that never goes out of style is sparkle! It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. You want glitter you’ve got it

How about an A-line with stone accents or...

What about a fully sequined fitted gown like this one

There is every type of sparkle out there!

Now that you are an expert on biggest trends in prom fashion you are ready to start shopping! Make sure to check out our next blog post on what to expect when prom dress shopping during covid-19.

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